-ICAMR2014 has been held successfully!


ICAMR2014 has been held successfully!

The 2nd International Conference on Advances in Microbiology Research (ICAMR 2014) has been held in ZhengZhou onJanuary  18, 2014 successfully.
 Many famous professors and scholars attend it including 4 keynote speakers, that is Prof. Dr. Hikmat H.Hisoriev, Professor Roger Chan, Professor Peng Wanxi and Professor Gongtao.
At the conference, Professor Wang who is from Zhengzhou University, the leader of International Association of Management Science & Engineering Technology (IAMSET) delivered the welcome speech and expressed gratitude to all attendees on behalf of organization committee of ICAMR /2014.
The conference site
 Professor Wang  delivered the welcome speech
Prof. Dr. Hikmat H. Hisoriev delivered the keynote speech titled
 “Ecological peculiarity of Microalgae distribution in arid territory of Tajikistan” 
Professor Roger Chan delivered the keynote speech
Professor Peng Wanxi delivered the keynote speech titled
“Study on Ordered Separation of Forestry Biomass Cell Wall” 
Professor Gongtao delivered the keynote speech titled
“Research on Visual Simulation of Tri-Tier Immune System”
  Question time

 Part of the attendees

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