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Keynote Speakers of 2017 International Conference on Environment and Disasters (ICED2017)

Prof. Panuganti Sattilingam Devara
Speech title: Active and Passive Remote Sensing of Environment and Climate Surveillance
Prof. Wilhelm Höflinger
Speech title: Measurement Methods of Respirable- or PM2.5 Particle Concentrations and Their Use for the Assessment of Dust Separators
Dr. Changzhi Li 
Speech title: Flash Flood Hazard and its Countermeasures in China

Prof. Junliang Zhou 
Speech title: Optimizing sampling and analysis of contaminated soil for accurate assessment of contamination and risk

Prof. Yuehua Wan
Speech title: How to publish ESI Hot papers and Highly Cited papers

Prof. Yakov Kuzyakov 
Speech title: Degradation and Progradation of Soil Organic Matter Pools and Functions by Land Use
Dr. Chian Siau Chen, Darren
Speech title: Engineering-Based Catastrophe Modeling 
Dr. Zuguang Guan
Speech title: The Development of Environmental Monitoring Technology 
Prof. Kun Yang
Speech title: Spatial Big Data & Disaster Management 
Dr. Huifeng Shan 
Speech title: Application of Four MEP 100 Best Technologies in China Remediation Market

Keynote Speakers of the 4th International Conference on Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics (ICBP2016) 

Prof. Jiye Cai 
Speech title: Atomic force microscopy study of the immunomodulatory effects of polysaccharide compounds in macrophages
Dr. Jinsong Bian 
Speech title: Hydrogen sulfide and its releasing compounds: when bad guy turns good
Prof. Baojun Xu
Speech title: Daphnetin protects INS-1 pancreatic β-cells from streptozotocin-induced apoptosis
Dr. Wenhua Zheng 
Speech title: The role of FoxO3a on NGF-induced neuronal differentiation and its underlying mechanisms

Dr. Roger Chan
Speech title: Controlled release of growth factors from xenogeneic, acellular extracellular matrix scaffolds for soft tissue reconstruction

Keynote Speakers of 2016 Asia-SAME Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (ACMSE2016)

Dr. Thomas Walther 
Speech title: Analytical transmission electron microscopy of semiconductor nanostructures for electronics
Speech title: Innovative Transistor and Energy-efficient Devices with Flexibility and Surface Antireflection
Prof. Li Guo
Speech title: To develop a grinding process monitoring system using acoustic emission (AE) signals
Dr. Yoshitaka Fujimoto 
Speech title: Physical and chemical properties of atomic layered materials from a first-principles density-functional study

Prof. Wanxi Peng 
Speech title: Prospect of Fast-Growing Grass Resources